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facebook love poem

there’s something in the way you comment on my status that makes me think you’ve been stalking me the way I’ve been stalking you, baby. have you looked at all my pictures? have you looked at “older posts”? I want to know just what you mean when you say you “like” it. Advertisements

dug out and edited

a bit of dialogue between two friends who haven’t spoken in a very long time. i dug this out from three or four journals ago. the names have been discarded, but the signifiers have not lost all their meaning, and some of the words have been changed to match my mood. Girl: It’s different. This. … Continue reading

john and i

john and i drink our drinks. mine, the beer. his, the martini. we drink our drinks and i suppose i catch a glimpse of what i’ll never be. but add just a few more decades, just a few more wrinkles, just a few more bad days, just a few more daydreams, just a few more … Continue reading

finding meaning

I’ve been torn for months about how to reconcile these pieces, my life composed of side projects. It’s important to find meaning. And if it is the end of the world (and many days I think it probably is), then I have to hurry to say and discover and know all that I can before … Continue reading

a brief self portrait

i plan on sitting in the corner of your mind for as long as it takes what can i say? i’m the resilient one made of patience and time i’m not a notch on your heart, i’m the girl on your mind.

It’s been a while…

I will try to burst forth with all the urgency that spring requires.

Heroes and love

I’ve been stuck in the house in BED all day with a head cold… BLAH. But I will be going out tonight anyway to see one of my musical heroes live: Ingrid Michaelson. Goddess of songwriting. Anyway, while I’ve been inside all day I’ve been reviewing my journal for the past several months, and I … Continue reading

sad neglect

What use are prints and plans?
When every breath you take you hope to stand
your ground on lessons learned
and keep your feet, despite the turning.

untitled bit

building pages out of faces. different races. different places. but i am thoughtfully creating… my head is cloudy. is this relating from point A to nowhere –? am i relaying? am i relying? you gotta know there ain’t no hiding. not today. no, not today. today’s the day i’ll have my way. -K.J.